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  1. Name- Tengrianist Republic of Mongolia
  2. Capital city- Ulaanbaatar
  3. Largest city/town- Ulaanbaatar
  4. Other cities/towns- Choybalsan, Altay, Chory and Erdenet
  5. Leader-
  6. Deputy leader-
  7. Regime- Brave, semi-democratic, nationalistic, farmer/raider, mystic, erudite, warrior nomad republic
  8. Language- Kallkah Mongol, Buryat, Tuvan, Jin, Northeastern Mandarin, Beijing Mandarin, Mongolian, Oirat, Buryat, Dagur, Evenki, Russia, Kazakh, Uyrgr, Manchurian, Mandarin Chinese, Pyongyang Korean, Manchurian Chinese, Korean, Yakut and  Ukrainian.
  9. Religion- Tengranisum, Mongol Shamanism and Buddhism
  10. Population- 2,500,00
  11. Economy- Nomadic cattle herding, farming, forestry, quarrying, mining and agriculture. Low level exports of pork, oil, gas, iron ore, , Molybdenum, copper, gold, coal, lignite, coking coal, chromite, leather, wool, lamb, beef, pork, stone, gravel, sand, herbs, fluorspar and phosphate
  12. Climate- Cool arid, cool semi-arid and sub-arctic
  13. Military- 1,000
  14. Economic strength- mid