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Terra Freya Hawthorn (February 18,1840 – November 19, 1909) she is a female doctor her germ theory of disease revolutionize medicine and finally explained what causes disease and infections. She discovered viruses and bacteria and eventually learned that these particles are responsible for disease. Her scientific discovery is the basis of the modern medical system that is practiced in the pagan, Muslim and Jewish parts of our world. she's also the founder of gynaecology and established the global Council on women's health. She is also an advocate for vaccinations and discovered cholera is waterborne. she was also one of the founding members of the Oslo Council of health. After her death the also medical Council became the most successful research Journal. Her some of her early theories were also the basis for Thor Jedediah's discovery of anesthetics and safe surgical procedures. Tara was also the first female doctor in the pagan Confederacy. Well she is praised as a revolutionary doctor and scientist in all parts the world except for the the Puritan Empire. in this region of the world she is seen as an evil person who is defying God.the Puritans to not embraced Tara's discoveries because they do not believe in modern medicine because they believe that God is the only person that can heal disease.

Early life

Terra Freya Hawthorn was born in the United Puritan Kingdom in the slums of New London. Her mother was Lucinda Hawthorne and her father was Oliver Hathor. Lucinda was a midwife and during the purges of the 1850s she fled with her family to Oslo in the pagan Confederacy. Lucinda's extended family was killed during the purges of the 1850s. Tara's mother got her interested in health and was her major inspiration. Unfortunately Lucinda died before Tara's groundbreaking discovery. Tara named the health Institute of Helsinki the Lucinda the Institute of health and her mother's honour. Eventually Tara conferred to new paganism she adopted the middle name Freya after the Norse God. She believed that paganism and healthcare were intricately linked. She believe that no one who loves nature should allow any sick person to go untreated. Tara was the youngest graduate at the University of Oslo and was the first woman to adopt a medical degree.

Her charity workedit | edit source

Terra Freya Hawthorn was devoted to helping the poor and she was a founding member of the pagan Confederacy refugee program. She helped she helped pagan refugees as well as Catholics and Muslims that were free of fleeing Puritan states. She also helped establish the Baghdad school of medicine which was the first medical department in islamia that allowed women to become doctors.