The Amazon rain forest preserve (lunar destruction)

Beginning in 2045 the nation of Brazil along with the help of NASA and United Nations created a large geodesic dome that created a small rain forest that mimics the ecosystem of the Amazon rain forest on the planet Earth. This was the largest geodesic dome that was built on Mars until the construction of new Berlin in 2101. This ecosystem was extremely successful and entirely self-sufficient. It didn't fully re-create the biodiversity of the Amazon rain forest however preserved many species such as monkeys, tree frogs and in many plant varieties.

After Martian terraforming

in 4444 when terraforming Mars was completed these animals and plants from the Amazon preserve were introduced to the Martian rain forest in the southern hemisphere of the planet. This meant that Brazil successfully preserved and re-created their unique ecosystem on another planet. This is one of the greatest achievements of the colonization of Mars achieved in the 45th century.

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