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on October 27, 2019, Queen Elizabeth II died. Prince Charles was next in line to the throne abdicated and his son William took his place. On November 7, King William III was ordained and became England's King. However, in 2023 he announced that he would be the last King of England and with his death, the British monarchy would be dissolved. in 2024 the UK also had a referendum that formally declared that the market will be solved.

the returns Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII

on September, 13th, 2045 it was revealed this Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII were undead and it living in hiding for decades to try and avoid persecution. They challenged Williams's decision for the disillusioned of the markings. during Williams, life decisions were never fully resolved. after William III in 2077 the UK of the second referendum to reinstate the British monarchy. this referendum was successful and the Marquis was reestablished in 2099. Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII became king and queen of England on October 1, 2099. they were king and queen of England until the year 2200 when they were both killed in a car crash. Following this with no more heirs to the throne the British monarchy was finally fully abolished like William III originally wanted