The Catholic school abolishment act of 2020 (Condo takeover)

This was a government of Canada Bill and abolish the Catholic school system fall across Canada. It became law on November 1, 2020. The law was enacted because the government realized that public government should no longer pay for religious education. Existing Catholic schools shut down over converted into public schools. The act is implemented as a result of a more secular Prime Minister and the epidemic of sexual assault had been spreading across the country for decades. This bill also laid the groundwork for the sex offenders reconciliation which was a government act that forced the main Catholic Church to pay for long-term effects of priest sexual abuse on the Canadian community and the Canadian aboriginal community. This law also led to the destabilization of the Catholic Church and the implementation of the grand Roman Congress of Catholic reform which drastically change the church in number fundamental ways in Canada and around the world. The Canadian government that this process in motion and became recognized for their efforts on performing religion and government.

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