The Disney World Agricultural Collective (Y2K Apocalypse)

In 1999 as a result of Y2K 1 million people were stranded in Disney World. By 2003 most of these people had died as a result of lack of water and disease. A however small group of individuals led by Disney engineers a small agricultural collective known as the Disney collective. They traded with the United Tribes of Orlando, the People's Republic of Florida and the independent Confederacy of Texas, not to mention the University of Southern Florida which became a republic in 2005. This agricultural collective expanded by 2008 and became the most successful republic in the former state of Florida. In 2009  they even established a trade deal with the King of Manhattan. By 2010 this compound an estimate population of 5000. This agricultural compound was also known for reestablishing peace in the former state of Florida which experience widespread violence and gang activity because of Y2K.

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