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The Federation of Pacific territories

In 2022 the Pacific Islands United and the economic federation are known as the Federation of Pacific territories. When the earth began to be evacuated the United Nations the US government and the resell the Council built a colonization ship the queen of the ocean. This nation-state was completely evacuated by 2054. The Pacific Islands colony on Mars was officially unveiled in 2056 and was the least populated of the Martian colonies. In the 45th century when Mars was fully terraform islands were created in the southern hemisphere Mars that became known as new Hawaii


In the Pacific Federation territory of Mars, there was a massive Hydro massive hydroponic farm that produce food and luxury foods such as pineapple papaya and mangoes. This agriculture system reminded the Islanders of their home islands that were tragically destroyed in the lunar disaster that destroy earth. A Pacific habitat was also created the preserved indigenous wildlife of New Zealand, Hawaii Fiji ,and the Marshall Islands. Eventually ,these plants and animals were introduced to the Martian environment once tehe trraform was completed. The islands of new Hawaii became a sustainable island chain on Mars and produce delicious food that preserved the culinary traditions of Earth and the Polynesian people.

The Pacific Islands Memorial

In 2300 a massive memorial was made to pay tribute and remember all the plants and animals that died in the Pacific Ocean when a massive chunk of the moon collided with the planet. This memorial at traditional statues of palm trees volcanoes and Polynesian gods.