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The Great Nuclear War

In 2028 North Korea lost a nuclear missile destroying the American cities of Honolulu, San Francisco, and Las Vegas. This led to a nuclear response by the United States. President Valero Jefferson III ordered a Counterstrike. At 1250 July 1, 2028 Pyongyang was hit by an atomic bomb and entirely destroyed. from Within a nuclear bunker Kim Jong-un launches nuclear missiles that destroy Seoul South, Korea, Tokyo, London, Bangkok. Within two hours Pakistan and India respond with nuclear strikes on the remaining North Korean cities. North Korea is destroyed and the country collapses. The nuclear fallout is immediate in Southeast Asia and millions of people die from radiation exposure. There's also massive crop failures and more than 400 million people die worldwide from resulting famine. the United States collapses as refugees from California and Nevada move towards a West Coast. There's a massive civil war and the entire United States government collapses by 2029. By 2030 global famine has begun a nuclear nuclear fallout kills more

people. The Hawaiian Islands are devastated and their isolation means that very low supplies reached up. Large percentages of the Hawaiian population die. these islands become an independent nation led by dictator. is still unknown whether or not Hawaii has a functioning government. There's anarchy in Europe as starvation continues. The nuclear winter is very severe. In 2034 most of the governments of Europe had fallen into anarchy are completely collapsed. Southern Hemisphere nations were a lot more successful because the fallout did affect them as much. Refugee crisis have led to conflict in Brazil, South Africa, India and Argentina. The Canadian province of Newfoundland and New Zealand become self-sufficient and attract many refugees. By 2040 the nuclear fallout has increased however many countries have been reduced to a preindustrial level of technology. The most powerful nations are Brazil, India, the union of Pacific islands and independent Republic of Texas.

countries that collapsed

  1. the UK
  2. France
  3. North and South Korea
  4. Japan
  5. Russia
  6. the United States
  7. the Netherlands
  8. Denmark and Norway
  9. China
  10. Mongolia
  11. Mexico
  12. Ethiopia
  13. much of the Middle East
  14. Italy
  15. Ireland

new countries

  1. Independent Republic of Texas , the Hawaiian Islands, Union of Pacific islands
  2. the California fiefdom
  3. new Utah
  4. the Christian Republic of Georgia
  5. the United Tribes of Korea
  6. Osaka
  7. North France
  8. Siberia
  9. the Republic of Baja
  10. the Confederacy of the planes
  11. the fiefdom of Ireland
  12. new Scotland and new Wales
  13. Québec, the Arctic territories
  14. south and north Alaska, the Republic of New York, the Republic of Rhode Island, the Republic of Pennsylvania
  15. Carolina
  16. the Prairie provinces
  17. Philadelphia, Boston, new Vegas
  18. the People's Republic of the Caribbean
  19. new Mongolian Empire
  20. the United Tribes of Beijing
  21. the Republic of Macedonia
  22. new Italy
  23. New Ireland
  24. Antarctic Outposts
  25. the United nuclear bunkers of the former Russian state
  26. the tribes of Nevada
  27. North and South Congo

countries with unknown statuses

Papua New Guinea

  1. the Hawaiian Islands
  2. Antarctic research basis
  3. McMurdo Station
  4. the city of Copenhagen
  5. the tribes of Nevada
  6. Hong Kong
  7. North Korea
  8. South Korea
  9. Japan and Taiwan
  10. Vietnam, Burma, other countries
  11. the Congo, Ethiopia, much of South Africa
  12. the United Tribes of London, United Tribes Paris
  13. the former southern states
  14. fiefdom of Florida
  15. fiefdom of Alabama
  16. city state of San Francisco ,Santa Monica
  17. the kingdom of LA
  18. the kingdom of new Vegas
  19. the kingdom of purity
  20. the great Salt Lake kingdom

no go zones

  1. the ruins of Honolulu, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Seoul, London
  2. the kingdom of purity, Kingdom of LA, fiefdom of Florida, Alabama, United Tribes of London, Christian

Republic of Georgia

  1. North and South Korea