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The Great Silicon Valley Seizure is an event that occurred starting May 16, 2020 in response to the assassination of Alex Jones and Tommy Robinson caused by some Facebook Employees that took place on May 10, 2020 which led to civil unrest in many major US and UK cities.


Many people were arrested during the Seizure. Mark Zuckerberg days prior to the event denies any intervention in response to the assassination. Mark Zuckerberg has been charged with felony murder and was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment with 5 years without parole and 10 years of community service. The perpetrators who assassinated Tommy Robinson and Alex Jones were met with a Death Sentence and all of them were executed early during the morning hours of August 11, 2021. Susan Wojcicki was also arrested for her tweets celebrating the death of Alex Jones and Tommy Robinson which had the FBI speculate that Susan Wojcicki was also involved in assassination plans. Susan Wojcicki was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment with 2 years without parole and 4 years of community service. Susan Wojcicki has been released from prison on April 26, 2024 for good behavior and was able to reunite with her family. 3 days after her release, Susan Wojcicki was assassinated in Cancun by a 22 year old man who appears to work for the Mexican Cartel. There has been discussions on increasing the sentence to have Mark Zuckerberg locked in prison permanently. On February 4, 2026, Mark Zuckerberg was eventually released from prison for good behavior. Mark Zuckerberg has developed an interest for astronomy during prison time. Mark describes some of the stars he sees outside of his prison window most notably the star Sirius which he often mistook for Rigel and describes the star as an escape to the harsh world he has to endure. Mark Zuckerberg noted during his time in prison he met with some pretty good friends. The other half in prison have been reported on calling him names, comparing him to Terminator or Tokiko Mima from Key The Metal Idol. After Mark's release from prison, he has been met with extreme paranoia. Mark Zuckerberg has fell into chronic depression and committed suicide on March 13, 2031, he explains in his suicide note about his paranoia that was caused due to the constant death threats. Jack Dorsey hasn't faced any criminal charges despite election meddling

List of Websites shut down by the government during this event

Shortly after the arrest and trials of several Silicon Valley employees. US president Donald Trump has given his announcements to shut down several websites based on Silicon Valley as he determines them a threat to democracy.

Facebook was the first to be shut down on June 2, 2020 as it has been deemed to ruin the behaviors of the general population.

Twitter was eventually shut down on September 10, 2020 after it's evidence of election meddling.

YouTube wasn't shut down by the government however because it was unable to financially compensate for it's damages caused by demonetization and it's mass migration to Bitchute and Storyfire, YouTube was eventually shut down on December 31, 2020. It's parent company Alphabet was eventually seized and shut down on January 14, 2021 due to evidences of election meddling.


After the shut down of major popular websites. Many websites compete to take it's place. Bitchute has been the leading video sharing site in competition with Storyfire. Gab and Minds have overtook the spot where Facebook and Twitter were. The Shut down of Facebook and Twitter sparked anger to the SJW community. The United States has eventually been plunged into a civil war with Donald Trump nearly killed in an assassination attempt on July 12, 2021 when he was shot in the chest. Due to the Civil War, the United States cancelled it's Visa waiver to every country except for Canada, Bermuda, Palau, Micronesia and Marshall Islands. Many European Countries including Australia and New Zealand have temporarily banned access to Gab and Minds which led to outcry in the general populations which later directed New Zealand into a Civil on August 21, 2021 with Australia following on September 4, 2021.when the government amended the Australian flag to replace the Crux constellation and Hadar with a sword and some Abjads. Smartphone sales have seen a noticeable drop in sales as they were deemed obsolete by the General Public. Although Donald Trump denied interest of Genocide in the past, Donald Trump have declared cracking down nihilism in his country and made it permissible to assassinate any citizen breaking the law which lead to a widespread epidemic of the SJW crowd being shot to death by NRA members. The United States civil war eventually ended on October 4, 2022.