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In the summer of 1935, 5 American men broke into a firearms shop with knives and murdered the shopkeeper. They stole multiple rifles and shotguns, along with all the ammunition. They moved to the east coast quickly and silently, avoiding police along the way. They stole a raft filled with food and water, and headed for Greenland. Nobody knows how they survived, as it took many months until they arrived to Greenland. One of the men, Mark Roberts, was possibly cannibalised, as his carcus was found in the raft. The 4 men shot Thorvald Stauning to death with rifles. One of the 4 men, Harrison Santis, sent a message on radio to all of Denmark and Greenland, informing them their countries had been taken over. Nobody knew why, but their military obeyed.


Harrison Santis shoots each of his friends to death after an argument. Harrison forces Danish farmers to work 24 hours a day with no sleep, and barely any nutrition. If they didn't work hard enough, they would be taken to a concrete room near the farm, and drowned in ice water. Many people were dying from malnutrition and drowning, so Harrison ordered the military to take over many European countries, like Norway, Sweden and Finland.


Santisian Denmark conquers Norway, earning more military members and farmers. The Santisians start Operation Black Gas, exterminating all Africans from Denmark, Greenland, and Norway. Great Britain declares war on the Santisian Empire. The Santisians give captured British Military members a choice; join the Santisian Military, or die. They gained 2500 military members this way, but also had to kill 7500 people using ice drowning, firing squads, and hangings.


A Santisian Secret Officer assassinates George VI, causing Great Britain to collapse. USA, Canada, and every European country declares war on the Santisian Empire, starting the Greenlandic Wars. The Santisians develop experimental bombs like a prototype for the nuclear bomb. The Santisians also develop a 21mm warhead launcher. The Santisians conquer Poland.


The Santisians commence Operation Whitesmoke. The Santisians obliterate Poland. Most countries declare war on the Santisians.