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The Jakarta underwater hotel

In 2103 underwater hotel was constructed in the coastal Bay in Singapore . This hotel was one of the most sophisticated underwater hotels ever to be constructed. The hotel was to commemorate the province of Jakarta which became part of the Singapore Empire. This hotel attracted tourists from all over the world and it was extremely popular because people could see an artificial reef, amazing animals and tropical fish from outside the window. It also had the largest casino in Southeast Asia, a swimming pool a large glass dome made it crystal and many other attractions. They also had a restaurant that specialized in insect cuisine which was the leading culinary trend in the 22nd century. They also that algae farm and hydroponic farm that produce all the food. This was considered the greatest hotel of the 22nd century and was compared toana eighth wonder of the world. It was also one of the iconic monuments that the city was known for. A sister hotel was also built in Jakarta. A similar underwater hotel was also constructed off the coast of New York City in 2035.

The underwater hotel Corporation

The underwater hotel Corporation was a corporation with its headquarters in Singapore that was known for constructing underwater architecture including museums hotels and nuclear bunkers. They create the first underwater museum in the Mediterranean in 2138. The first underwater library in 2145 off the coast of Alexandria Egypt. This is one of the most powerful corporations in Singapore second only to the Eloi Corporation that specialized in retrofitting cities against climate change. Eventually 2188 the underwater hotel Corporation was taken over the hostile takeover by the Eloi Corporation.