The London human uprising (aquatic apocalypse)

In 2055 there is a massive protest in the human colony of London in the Britannia sector in the aquatic one empire. The protest was after there were major food shortages in this colony. There's also a massive outbreak of aquatic fever that killed 75 people. You quite one stated that food shortages were necessary in order to prevent the virus from spreading. This led to outrage and the killing of several aquatic ones who were observing the human culture. The humans that were involved in the uprising were later jailed in the Tower of London that has converted into an ultramodern prison by the aquatic ones in 2045. Eventually, the human uprising force regains control over this colony. the London colony became an independent human colony in 2063. However the aquatic ones still heavenly resented this independent human colony and establish trade sanctions in 2073. Eventually it 4545 London becomes the capital of the newly independent human Empire that gain control of the water remains of the continent formally known as Europe. Architects from this called the also established a series of new geodesic domes in the new human Empire of new Britannia. This uprising sparked the beginning of mankind regaining control over a watery planet.

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