The New York Institute of undead studies (Bazaar brands)

The New York Institute of undead studies this is a New York University and think tank that is dedicated to studying the history of the undead as well as there are history and culture. They also have classes dedicated to undead human rights as of the most famous undead scholars in the world. There's also a memorial to HP Lovecraft was a famous undead offer. The Institute opened in 2135 on the island of  new Brookland an artificial island that was built in New York Harbor in the late 21st century. The University has become well-known all over the world. The institution also analyzes the population of undead people worldwide. The University also has a medical school is currently working on a cure to Redfield disease which is killed 55 million people since its discovery. The institution is a premier institution for undead students and those interested in undead literature, equality and human undead relations.

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