The Pacific Union (1980's chaos)

The Pacific Union was a massive trade agreements between the countries of Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, the Pacific island nations and Indonesia, and the Philippines. This trade deal was created in order to maintain strong economic power in this region in response to the loss of economic power in Europe, South America and the United States to begin in the 1990s. The unit was also designed to foster international cooperation and to improve trade relations in the 1980s. This decade was characterized by economic uncertainty.  as a result of this the nations of the Pacific agreed that they should have free trade and immigration in order to maintain a strong economy that is not threatened by extremist elements or dictatorships such as Western Europe. This economic union allowed this region to survive the 1980s and 1990s with their economies intact. This region was one of the most powerful economic regions in 1999. In 2010 the UN study that said that the Pacific region was the most stable economic and political region in the world second only to the Canadian Federation, Scandinavia and united Germany respectively.

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