The Republic of Iceland (Second Amendment Civil War)

In 2024 as a result of the economic chaos caused by the United Kingdom leaving the European Union the Icelandic economic zone was created. This was an economic Council that was formed between Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland that was formed on June 8, 2024. Eventually as a result of the widespread economic chaos and nationalism is much of Europe in the 2030s and 2040s all these countries united and became known as the Republic of Iceland or the Council of northern nations. By 2035 the Icelandic Republic became the most powerful economic nation in Europe as well as the most progressive nation in Europe. Iceland and Scandinavia have long been known for their women's rights and progressive policies these continued as this nation became larger. It is also one of the few countries that still accepted refugees in the 2040s. By 2055 the Republic of Iceland was one of the top 10 most powerful economies in the world as well as the best nation for women to live. This country experienced major shortages in the 2060s however this was followed by implementing large-scale hydroponic farms that revolutionized the supply for this Republic as well as meeting to the African Renaissance of the 2090s revolutionized the economies of much of the African continent. This Republic continues to be a powerhouse well into the 24th century. Historians now consider the Icelandic Republic the most stable during the late 20th century when so much of Europe with political and economic chaos. This Republic also inspired the creation of many other republics in the Americas and in mainland Europe.

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