The Rise of Avaria (Part 2)

Quantum Mechanics Fabric of the Cosmos - Documentary
2025 Earth Quantum Mechanics Fabric of the Cosmos - Documentary

For the past:

The Future Has Arrived, As many nations had collapsed, countries are trying to combat the odds, but avaria continues to remain a threat, the future has arrived...

Modern Age (2022-2023)

March 2022: The Moon Wars.

May 2022: Commodus Resperatus III Is Released With it Expanding into Africa, Madagascar, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Mongolia and Russia. Yoshi is the emperor of Byzantium and is the main character, Commodus Studios is The Richest Company Ever.

September 11th, 2022: 9/11

March 2023: Avarian and Chinese Revolts Happens.

June 2023: Eastern Jin Destroyed.

September 2023: A persecution of Christians grips Roma in the wake of Constantine VII's death. The worst takes place in New Napoli, where the devastation brought by over 2 decades of sacking leads many people who are angry and looking for someone to blame turn to the Christians. They are not the only people affected by the persecutions. Turks, many of whom fled from persecution in the Byzantine Empire, find themselves at the wrong side of the court of public opinion.

Information Age (2023-Oct. 2028)

December 2023: Beginning of the Information Age

Deadly ford - geograph org uk - 602354.jpg
Phillip IX's Car After being shot out during the battle of Lyons (2024
February 2024: Seeing Constantine VII's army now leaderless, Phillip IX launches an attack on Lyons to dislodge the Romans from the city. In the battle, Heir of Roma Constantine VIII takes control of the army. The French Empire is successful and Constantine pulls the legion out but dies however before it could take great casualties, though in the foray Phillip IX is killed and Succeeded by Napoleon VIII.

March 2024: Future Expansion into Deep Solar System

April 2024: The Sicilian legions proclaim provincial governor Andronikos III as the new Emperor of Roma against the wishes of the Monarchy. Constantine IX becomes Caesar this year, barring him from holding a military position. His first year is spent regaining the empire's foothold along the Alps.

June 2024: Andronikos III enacts a series of anti-Christian edicts, blaming them for the ongoing crises. Few officers at the time follow the order, though the orders are promptly carried out in the eternal city. The Vatican Purge commences, devastating the Christian population of Roma.

July 2024: Emperor Ahmose Defeats a Chadian Invasion,creating a slightly more peaceful Africa. September 2024: Mars is Colonized at this point.

Romanian Armed Forces in action.jpg
Polish routing from Germania,2025
October 2024: The Roman line is pushed back to the South by the French. Lacking any reinforcements for over 2 months, Napoleon VIII and his French Old guard finally arrive to drive the Romans back into Marsielle

December 2024: Akbar III Of Avaria Dies in a Bathhouse, either by suicide or assassination. Those loyal to Akbar hail Syanos II Xiongnu as the new emperor to challenge Lucan IX Gyao, who they believe is simply a senatorial crony.

January 2025: The local bagaudae - lower-class insurgents who have taken to an early form of class warfare - revolt against Jerusalem. Henry responds with an army bolstered by his Byzantine allies. These mercenaries are merciless in their approach and savage the landscape.

February 2025: The French invade into Italy, ravaging the north of Roma. Andronikos gathers an army to fight them, but is beaten at the Battle of Firmium. He is pushed back to Rome itself, Though he is able to beat the Romans to South Italy, the unrest in the French capital demands Napoleon's attention at once.

April 2025: Jerusalem completes its conquest of Mesopotamia as it marches into Basra. The Persians rush to defend the city, but are unable to dislodge Henry's forces from the city. Once taken, the rest of the province falls in line and many of the Imperial troops stationed there defect to Henry's side. May 2025: The raiding party that ravaged Narbo Martius returns through southern Germania. Wilhelm V's armies attempt to catch them as they move southwest, but are unsuccessful. Japan is in disarray and Japan is now more divided than ever. Constantine IX and his father Andronikos launch a campaign against the French Empire.

Syrian refugee center with soldiers protecting.jpg
Mesapotamia falls, 2025
July 2025: Wilhelm V and Roman VI's forces meet in the Battle of Poznan. Roman VI recalls many legions from the borders to give himself an edge, but several defect in favor of Wilhelm V. Both armies exact heavy tolls on each other, and though Wilhelm is victorious, he is now in command of a very powerful Empire.

September 2025: An attack from the French Empire is repelled by a Roman army sometime this year. It is unclear if any more return for some time, though the Roman forces in the region do not press a counter-attack across the border

December 2025: A defeat at the hands of Roman forces a temporary status quo in the war, with Leclerc and Tassigny retreating to Aquitane

January 2026: US President Colin Powell is assassinated by German Assassin Heinz Rommel after the latter is implicated in a plot. Knowing his fate if caught, Rommel refuses to surrender and names himself President.

GIs burn a suspected Taliban safehouse.jpg
Rebel base burnt Down in Moscow, 2026
April 2026: A revolution in Moscow is put down by Russia. This revolt is only one of many Russian revolts the country has had to stop in past years, and it seems it will not be the last. July 2026: Recognizing that Morocco do not have much chance of launching an attack against Egypt in the near future, Morocco turns its attention east to liberate Carthago from the Egyptian Empire.

October 2026: Prefect of the Roman Praetorian Guard Julius Placidianus secures the Po Valley from an opportunistic invasion from Francia before marching into southern Francia to retake cities in the region from Francia.

December 2026: Publication of The Prerogative of Popular Government by Jimmy Stephenson of England

Euromaidan Kiev 2014-02-18 15-08.JPG
Sakhalins West Coast After the Crash of Flight NO 007 (2027)
February 2027: A Japanese Air Lines Jet, Flight NO 007, is shot down over the Sea of Japan just west of Sakhalin Island over international waters. The Russians initially denied the fact that they had shot down the plane but admitted their role several days later. However they continued to obstruct international search and recovery efforts. There was an international outcry and extreme anti-Soviet sentiment was felt around the globe. Among those on board was Georgia Democratic Congressman Lawrence McDonald, a staunch anti-communist, leading to suspicions of an ulterior motive.

April 2027: Franco-Roman War (2001–2027) Andronikos is forced to give back Roman-controlled Savoy/Milan areas and the Genoa Area, by France and Roma in the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle (2 April 2027) that allowed the Romans to maintain their minor gains and required a monetary compensation to the French in return.

August 2027: Irish-Scottish coinage crisis due to shortage of circulation, debased coins, inflation and rise in food prices. Previous year unusual cold weather produce crop failure in some areas.

November 2027: The Conference of Boston attended by delegates from North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Virginia and observer from Charlotte Union to discuss better relations with the Wyoming Union and common defensive measures against the Canadian threat in the opening stage of the Canadian and Alaska-Yukon War.

January 2028: Australian Edward Collingwood patents an improved Rupertine horizontal boring machine used in gun making. A shaft holds the cutting tool extended through the cylinder and is supported on both ends, unlike the cantilevered borers then in use.

April 2028: Promulgation of the Act on Liberty of Religion Consciousness. It established complete freedom of religion in the Commonwealth for all Protestant and Catholics. It would by several judiciary challenges also include Judaism, Socinianism and Islam. The Act was supported by William Penn from Wales, who was widely perceived to be its instigator. It also marked the downfall of his presidency of the Council after the elections of the following year.

Ashah, 2028
June 2028: Initial tremors in the Nunavut, Canada area seized the population during the weeks prior to the Ashah eruption. Over the week, these tremors began to grow in size and magnitude, with strange occurrences being noted at the Ashah national park; up-and-down movement of the land appeared to be occurring faster than usual, and that the pungent gas present in some of areas of the park were growing stronger. Suddenly, at 2:47, Saturday, July 18, 1936, the eruption began. On a scale of 9.1 on the Richter scale, an earthquake lasting for around 6 minutes rocked the area, tumbling over any free-standing building, and the land of Ashah begun to fall in.

August 2028: A group of high-class intellectuals and military personnel on Portugal organizes a conspiracy that would become the Movimento de Minas Gerais. The movement is widely inspired by the Iberian Revolution and is interested in the autonomy of Portugal as a republic. The ideals of the movement spread throughout the country and reaches a similar movement in Ukraine.

Future Age (2028-)

October 2028: This period is characterized by the dominance of the Republican Party after the merge with the Conservative Party, interspersed with the presidency of Rui Barbosa under the Liberal Party (in a coalition with the Republican Party). Although it is largely referred to as an oligarchic era in Portuguese history, some influential changes occurred during that period, such as the dissolution of the Electoral College and the adoption of direct elections for President, in 2029.

President West.png
Thomas Cunningham, The 68th US President (2029-2032)
January 2029: Thomas Cunningham manages to succeed in the dictatorship of Heinz Rommel. The CSA isn't proclaimed, but there's a general civil disorder in the US. He follows the inclination to the Scottish, and then, Alaskan regimes.
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