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this was a massive conference that occur in Vatican City on May 1, 2040 it was a massive conference to reform the Catholic Church. This was the largest reform effort the Catholic Church ever made since the Reformation. The church made radical changes as an attempt to rebuild the negative reputation that they gained in the early 21st century as a result of widespread sexual abuse, sexism and residential school scandal. These reforms were massive and scale and change many fundamental rules that govern the Catholic Church. The vows of celibacy were eliminated and women were allowed to enter the priesthood. The Catholic Church also finely accepted divorce and became accountable for the sexual abuse they covered up. This conference had many great effects however the church did not regain their followers because they already lost many about because of the inability to have the serious issues earlier. The church still faces challenges but younger people are now reading bracing it as a result of the church is more liberal progressive attitudes.

Performing the Catholic Church

– automatic excommunication and reporting to police and a member of the clergy abuses women children or other men

– women can enter the priesthood and have all the same rights as male priests including performing communion, marrying couples and performing the sacraments

– the abolishment of all Catholic marriage classes and the prohibition of being remarried after being divorced

– allowing birth control to prevent STDs and control the number of children, reduces abortions

–, three sexual assault is mandatory and can be punished by a $1500 fine for three years in jail

– allow same-sex marriage in the church acknowledged the right of gay men

– abolishing the valve celibacy and allowing priests to marry and have children

– the elimination of annulments in favor for accepting divorce

– allowing stem cell research and scientific information

, the church will establish a fund to help eliminate sexual abuse and repair the damage they did over centuries

– formally knowledge residential schools, the Catholic Church in Ireland, forced abortions and sexual assaults

– women to become pope, Pope will be appointed for 10 years after that they'll be replaced with a new leader

– the nation of Vatican City will be formally dissolved and will become part of Italy

– the Knights of Columbus organization will be renamed the nights of God when it can also enter this organization

– Lavin is fully eliminated from all assets of the Catholic Church, the pope's twitter account is deactivated