The Scandinavian Republic (Condo takeover)

By 2121 sea level rise of devastated much of the world most of the Netherlands Belgium and Germany were destroyed by catastrophic sea level rise. However as a result of mountain regions Finland Norway Sweden and Iceland survive pretty well in tact. As a result and 2122 these four countries became known as the Scandinavian Republic it was populated by refugees that long since escaped flooded remains of Dresden, Brussels. The country with the most powerful economic powerhouse . The Scandinavian republic also produced much of the food for the European continent during the chaotic time. That lasted from the 2130s two 2140s. The Scandinavian republic was the only democracy that existed during this time and continental Europe. It also helps restore democracy and you’re a beginning in 2155. The Scandinavian republic  Europe out from the dark ages of the early 22nd century.

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