The Yellowknife hydroponic facility (Condo Takeover)

The Yellowknife hydroponic facility

The Yellowknife hydroponic facility was a massive vertical farm that specializes in hydroponics that was opened by green tech in 2045 fairly close to the former Canadian city of Yellowknife in the former territory of the Yukon. This facility was designed to provide food for the Arctic region. For decades there was massive food insecurity in this area primarily due to the fact that it was so expensive. However, this facility improves success for all the people of the Arctic to help the inexpensive food. This is a health Revolution in this region and contributed to the economic growth that is experienced by the Arctic region in the 24th century. By then the Arctic region no longer had ice and snow and was considered the new capital of the world. This facility was one of the contributing factors to the growth of Yellowknife from the 21st century to the 24th century when bit became a mega-city that attracts people from all across the North American republics and the Republic of Europe.

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