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In the hours before the battle FNZ (Free New Zealand) militia divisions gained control of the land between the Tauranga central police station and state highway 2 via brute force. The 1st and 2nd FNZ militia platoons captured the area and declared it as FNZ territory at 12:32pm on the 23rd of August 2021. Bob Tamaroon had been driven to the Tauranga central police station or as it was then called the FNZ Tauranga HQ by militia dedicated to the protection of Bob Tamaroon.By then the group had 270 official members, 65 of those being militia, and another estimated 2000 supporters in New Zealand alone.

The battle

At 2:53pm while the militia platoons were protecting the borders of the FNZ territory, 50 New Zealand Royal Army soldiers in transports came driving in from the north. All FNZ personnel were alerted by command and the 1st and 2nd milita platoons ran to the scene. The battle raged in the north of the FNZ territory for 2 hours. NZRA looked to be winning until in the last half hour FNZ set up a gatling gun on the roof of a spa store and took out half of the NZRA troops and the rest retreated.


After the battle the remaining 40 miltia gained more territory north of state highway 2. By this time the entire of Tauranga had been evacuated to many evacuation camps outside of the city due to civilian endagerment after FNZ militia shot a civilian.