The breakup of the United States (Second Amendment Civil War)

The breakup of the United States

In the 2050s the United States the US experience the second American Civil War is all about the Second Amendment. The United States eventually ended this conflict and became a parliamentary democracy. The country was fairly stable in the 21st century and 22nd century. This era is also known as the American Renaissance. During this time the US government established social programs that were very similar to the programs that were so successful in Scandinavia and the European league. Despite this, the United States still faced many issues. During the Civil War, many American states became independent nations. This is what happened to Hawaii, Alabama, and West Virginia. In 2155 the state of Florida was converted into a corporate Republic owned by the Walt Disney Corporation. California also between an independent state the following year. By 2200 there were only 25 states in the United States. By the end of the 23rd century, most of the former United States states for independent nations, corporate Republic or military dictatorships. The white Republic of Alabama was the most deadly dictatorship that was devastated. However, the Kingdom of Hawaii became fairly successful and became an economic powerhouse by 2400. The United States government especially during the American Renaissance was extremely effective and fairly peaceful despite the war. Most historians now believe that the United States collapsed due to unresolved conflicts caused by the first and second Civil War as well as the widespread uncertainty regarding bioweapons and terrorism there were so common during the era of the second American Civil War.

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