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The firebombing of Salt Lake City

On June 1, 2200, the Utah Civil War began between Mormon extremists and secularists. On October 20, 2100, there was a major battle that led to the destruction of 90% of Salt Lake City. 2219 Salt Lake City was rebuilt and became known as new Salt Lake City. New Salt Lake City was still en xetremely violent and chaotic place until Utah joined the league of California in 2427. The firebombing Salt Lake City was the most violent event in the United States since the atomic bombing of San Francisco and Seattle during the second American Civil War.


Utah's Civil War Memorial was created in 2427 on the memory of all his people that were killed during this conflict and during the firebombing of Salt Lake City. The Mormon church also established a memorial fund to acknowledge the extremist role that they had during the Utah Civil War.

Cultural destruction

Most of Salt Lake City was destroyed during the firebombing campaign including the main temple and headquarters to the Mormon church. Original copies of the book of Mormon were also destroyed during this war and thousands of women were also forced into polygamist relationships against their will by the extremist Mormons.