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In 2045 the US government collapsed as a result environmental destruction including sea level rise and political instability. As a result many former US states became independent republic’s. The old Canadian provinces also became part of these new republic’s. In 2047 the Canadian government also collapsed.

List of republics

The Great Lakes republic

Many of the Canadian provinces became their own republics well others joined with US republics. The most powerful Republic in North America as a result of water resources what’s the Republic of the Great Lakes which which was made up of the former state Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. The former Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec we’re also part of this powerful republic.  This region was extremely profitable and successful primarily due to the fact that they are the most resources and any region of North America. These regions we’re not affected by sea level rise or the water shortages in the west. The cities of Detroit, Toronto, Niagara Falls, Rochester,  Windsor all became megacities by 2067. Even small cities like London Ontario became megacities.  

Republic of Las Vegas

New York New Jersey archipelago

New Virginia

Arctic islands


New Alaska

Hawaiian archipelago

Beginning in  2080  the Hawaiian island chain became known as the Hawaiian archipelago. As a result of climate change the island of Maui  two separate islands link but a series of bridges.  The island chain became an independent Republic  and the Hawaiian royal family where reinstated. In 2090 a series of artificial islands we’re also built around the island chain to protect the islands from from further destruction.

Atlantic republic

Pacific republic

New England

The Boston islands

Greater Texas

In 2051 the former US states  the former US states of Arizona, New Mexico, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina South Carolina, Florida became known became known as greater Texas. This republic however  devastated by natural disasters in the 2060s. Florida was completely flooded by 2081 and the cities of Miami, Houston or mostly abandoned by the 22nd century. In 2120 wildfires also devastated the region leading to the abandonment of the most of the major cities. The republic partially recovered by 2131 as a result of the introduction of desalination technology this reestablished powerful cities in the north part of the republic and the former state of Kentucky and Tennessee.

New Miami


In the year 2061 the former US states of Montana, Idaho, North and South Dakota, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Utah, Iowa became known as the Midwest republic the southern part of the republic became a became known as the American desert in 2081. Most of the large cities and this republic  we’re covered in dorms. Most of the water was from desalination plants in the Republic of California. This republic had extremely low population. By 2120 mostly traditional cities had been abandoned or retrofitted was geodesic dome’s.