The human colonies (aquatic apocalypse)

The human colonies

The aquatic ones established 56 human colonies across the planet Earth that houses all 56 million people who live on the planet Earth.

The first colony was established around New York City and New Jersey it was noticing the New York colony. Colonies were also established over the cities of Toronto, Boston, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Panama City, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Hong Kong,  Nairobi, Cape Town, Sydney, Melbourne, Shanghai, North African colony, Cairo, the Hawaiian Islands, Prague, London, Venice, Paris, Stonehenge, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Mecca, soul, Australian habitat, rain forest habitat, Arctic habitat, desert habitat, Dubai, Osaka, New Delhi, the Taj Mahal/agora, Port-au-Prince, the Caribbean.

Food producing colonies

  1. North Dakota colony
  2. Sri Lankan colony
  3. Amazonian colony
  4. Iceland
  5. Oslo
  6. Miami
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