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the league of South American Nations

On January 31, 2055, the league of South American Nations because the leaders of these nations feared that as a result of the second American Civil War political use in the US may try to overthrow governments in South America in order to support their cause or to find more resources. These nations were primarily worried because the United States had a major history of imperialism in South America as well as supporting dangerous dictators. This league transforms into a trade union following the end of the American Civil War. The American Parliament also paid reparations to Guatemala for the CIA coup d'état which overthrew the democratically elected government of Guatemala in the 1950s.

International agreements

– this organization successfully preserved and protected the rain forest exploitation Brazil heavily protested however they were outvoted by the other members. 27% of the Amazon also officially became a national park in 2072 however by then much of the race wasn't already been destroyed in the early 21st century by abuses of power in Brazil.

– this organization also establish a trade agreement with the American Parliament in 2083 which led to major free-trade agreements throughout North and South America.

– in 2095 this organization introduces the native protection act which preserves snative culture protectively uncontacted tribes in Brazil and Guatemala.