The mandatory vaccination act of 2068 (Second Amendment Civil War)

This was an act that was passed by the American Parliament on international women's Day in 2068 this act made it mandatory for all children to get vaccinations. The only exceptions where the child was allergic to the vaccine or have health conditions prevented preventing them from getting vaccines. This act was passed because the early 21st century the anti-vaccination movement led to massive outbreaks of measles and let the deaths of hundreds of children. By the 2060s measles was once again a deadly disease from spreading across the United States. This led the United States to officially make vaccines mandatory for all children. This was controversial both essential and eventually led to the eradication of measles in the United States by 2119. Similar acts were also passed in the Kingdom of Hawaii, the white Republic of Alabama, the European league, Japan, the People's Republic of China, the Republic of Dubai, new Arabia, Qu├ębec, Canada and throughout Africa. This is one of the greatest health accomplishments in the second half of the 21st century successfully killed the anti-vaccination.

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