The national Museum of aboriginal heritage (New Venice)

On June 1 2100 the national Museum of aboriginal heritage opened on the former site of Prince Albert in Alberta burned down in a massive forest fire in 2099. This community was almost entirely deserted by 2099 and as a result there was no money to rebuild the city.  the national Museum of native heritage was designed to be a Canadian Museum as entirely devoted to aboriginal culture and heritage. This museum had a massive fire suppression system the city was converted into an island surrounded by water. This was intended to prevent future forest fires. On December 28 2122 this was put to the test when a massive forest fire surrounded the surrounding forest outside the island of a Prince Albert. While the surrounding forest burned the fire suppression system prevented the museum from burning down. Eventually this museum was relocated to Ottawa because of the increasingly worsening forest fires that led to the evacuation of much of the state of Alberta by 2120s. brand new page created

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