The people for the protection of God's creation (reverse extinction)

This was a religious organization and political movement that was founded in 2199 by the new Mormon church. This movement primarily objected to the bring back to a life of extinct animals. They believe that scientists were messing with God's plan by bringing back preachers that God destroyed. They believe that this would upset the balance of the universe and will lead to the destruction of Earth as well as the collapse of the human soul. This organization was extremely powerful and did protest all across the country. They are also extremely against treating the sick and vaccinations because they believe this got went against God's plan. This organization also killed extinct animals that are brought back to life such as the passenger pigeon and will he not. In 2203 they also massacred 155 woolly mammoths in Siberia. This organization also blew up a research lab in Azerbaijan in 2210 this this organization was designated as a terrorist group and was disbanded by the FBI in 2215. The new Mormon church also distanced itself from this organization and so that they do not reflect the principles of the new Mormon church which was all about equality, diversity and the promotion of science.

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