Timeline (Elimination)

.1930 - Robert Hawkovich is born on May 3rd 1930

.1933 - Adolf Hitler becomes chancellor of germany

.1939 - WW2 begins.

.1939-1943 The Holocaust Begins/

.1941-A young jewish boy by the name of Robert Hawkovich is captured by the nazis and taken to Birkenau, luckily he escapes 2 days later, his parents sadly die. He is taken in by his mother's friend, Mia Corsus, an FBI agent sent into Holland to investigate [CLASSIFIED]

.1943 - WW2 Ends on August 28th 1943 when the Axis powers Capitulate because of Berlin getting nuked by the famous plane known as "Little Boy" dropping the "Fat Man" on said earlier, Berlin. Japan did the impossible and surrendered as they did also not want to get nuked. Sadly the Little Boy, as a play of words, couldn't carry the Fat Man and had to do a suicide mission, killing the pilot in the process. He is remembered as a war-hero... a dead one. Also the Treaty of Paris is signed.

October 22nd The Lady "Crocodile" drops the biggest hit of the century "Bells and Rainbows" reaching over 1.3 billion hits.

October 31st The cold war begins between The United States of North America and The Soviet Union

November 3rd Israel is formed by the surviving jews of the holocaust (only 2 million jews died in this holocaust)

November 9th The first proxy war of the cold war happens in China between The Communist Party and The Nationalists

November 10th The Naviskya Jet is engineered by The USSR and is the fastest jet to be made for 3 years.

November 13th The Iron curtain is made, with The USSR taking all the land in the iron curtain instead of making puppet states.

November 15th The USNA, with the focus of to destroy all communism in the world and to win the cold war, forms NATO.

November 16th Franklin Delano Roosevelt dies in office due to unfiltered water.

November 18th Vice president Henry A. Wallace becomes president with his vice president being Harry S. Truman.

November 21st Henry A. Wallace creates the "Wallace Trust" which ensures protection from The USSR if they join NATO.

November 30th The Canadian terrorist group known as "The Mountain Moose" hijack a plane and fly to FDR Airport and cause a terrorist attack (secretly being funded by the USSR) The USNA declares war on the terrorist organization and wins the war in less then a day.

December 2nd The U.S.A sends in the newly founded "Juggernauts" into China to kick some communist ass.

December 3rd Robert Hawkovich takes an IQ test with a score of almost 300, rivaling William James Sidis' iq score. Robert unknowingly knew how to speak 15 languages and knew a way to win the cold war, a week later he was contacted by the USNA government to work for them, being funded by an old John D. Rockefeller. At the age of 13 he was a prodigy.

December 11th Robert Hawkovich invents the Super Soldier suit, which comes equipped with a microfusion cannon and "Magical" electronics.

December 12th Robert Hawkovich invents some other stuff, including a super-phone, tesla cannon, guided missile, security systems, and more. He eventually leaves and stays dormant for a few years.

.1950s - AntTek is founded by Robert Hawkovich

.1953 - The Space race starts between the USNA and the USSR.

February 6th The Apollo Rocket is created by the USSR, it tries to get into orbit but doesn't and crash lands into New Mexico, people mistake it as a UFO. The USA reverse engineers the technology in The Apollo Rocket and are able to create their own rocket.

March 8th The first man is put into space by the USNA/Nasa

April 2nd Jackal-1 rocket is created by Ant-Tek Aerospace Divison

November 6th The first man is put on mars by Ant-Tek

November 9th The Republic of Greece & Macedonia is founded

December 21st The Company known as "Moby-Tech" is founded by Zack Moby and Aren Collinshtek

.1968 - The Juggernauts are deployed into Vietnam in april, and are captured by The Vietkong and communist japanese. Most of them were tortured and eventually killed. One juggernaut member, Joshua Lancely survives and is picked up by a new ant-tek VTOL Jet known as XHG-VTOL Jet.

.1969 - Mia Corsus volunteers for the Cryogenic Freezing program and is frozen. It is to be opened in 2000.

.2000 - Mia Corsus wakes up from Cryogenic sleep and the world has definitley changed. Ant-Tek was disbanded and then remade, Robert Hawkovich is dead, The Cold war ended with the USNA winning, a war between the USSR and USNA began, and work camps were made for soviet soldiers that were hidden from the public.

.2003 - Ethan Trade-Corsus was born to Jackson Trade and Mia Trade-Corsus

.2004 - Auxicle was founded by Jackson Trade and Ravi "Helesh" Geko

October 13th- The EE4 Graphics + Microprocessor was engineered by Ravi "Helesh" Geko

November 3rd- Simon Aarons wins the presidental election and becomes president of the USNA.

.2005 - Germany and Poland unite to create the country of "Caldia"

Jan 14th- The Auxicle microcomputer was made by a team of M.I.T graduates and Auxicle engineers.

Jan 15th- The second Auxicle microcomputer was produced and included but not limited to, an 8 gb ram card and an EE4 Graphics + Microprocessor. It could only run a 3D version of Minelocator.

Jan 19th- Auxicle is featured on APN for making the first computer to feature a 3D version of Minelocator.

Jan 20th- Auxicle is offered to be bought by Ant-Tek

Jan 25th- The first episode of the show "The Life of Sun" premieres.

9:36 am- Hermes IV engineering begins between Auxicle, Ant-Tek, and Jungler-Korp

Jan 28th- Saxon "The Bear" Cascone is born

Jan 29th-Israeli proxy war begins between Israel and The Arab Empire

Jan 30th-The Arab Empire drops a nuke on Ashdod, and the USNA intervenes, turning the tide of the war (keep in mind that the empire was basically the entire arab league and most of africa combined) and Israel plans an invasion of The Arab Empire

Jan 31st-Hermes IV begins testing phase of space-travel.

2:00 pm-100 Israeli/American white phosphorus fly over the capitol of The Arab Empire and wreak havoc, with 2 aircraft carriers at the coast "The Big Bear" and "Badger King" launching tons of jets to interfere with The Arab Empire's Airforce.

3:46 pm-1+ million people die in the invasion.

February 1st Jungler Korp buys Nautica Submarines for $1 billion

February 3rd Google creates their second search engine, known as GoOgOl

8:47 am A 5.5 magnitude earth quake happens in japan

8:50 The Nuclear Reactor "Kuyushima" begins construction.

February 10th The Super Soldier program is refounded by a scientist named Logan Smith

February 11th Alexander Koshyev gets tortured by the CIA to gain info on The Arab Empire

February 25th Alexander Koshyev dies by a sniper hired by A certain American company.

March 1st Files are found about an Israeli scientist named Bibbi Zakvome who tortured innocent Arab civilians to test out gene modification, creating monstrosities like Lion-Pig-Humans and Eagles with the intelligence of humans (later to be named Oppers) His compound was eventually destroyed and Israel (now controlling most of the middle east) apologized for their actions and gave the families $50m in compensation.


August 16th Hermes IV construction complete

August 19th the highest grossing film of the decade, "Vermin Adventure" starts filming.

August 20th Rootler Technology & Drinks is founded by Stanford student William Menendez

December 31st The First meme is made called "Whachya"


January 14th CIA Agent William Fouse is born.

January 23rd MIT is sued by a mysterious man that goes by the alias of "Rorke"

February 2nd The Federation of South America is founded by Brazil, and goes on a 20 day campaign of invading the entirety of South America, supplied by Israel.

February 22nd The FSA has complete control of South America and makes an Alliance with Israel, Yugoslavia, and Caldia.

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