Alternate Future Wiki

the 2010s

2019: British Columbia abolishes daylight savings time

2019: the national Museum of Brazil burns down


2020: Canada abolishes daily savings time

2021: the Republic of Okinawa gains independence

2024: the United Kingdom leaves the European Union

2024: Elizabeth Warren becomes the first female president of United States

2024: the Icelandic economic Council is formed

2024: the new brotherhood of Odin is formed

2027: the Rio de Janeiro Museum of cultural heritage opens


2033: European Union eliminates daylight savings time

2033: Wales declares independence

2033: the creation of the antiquity virus by antiquity industries

2033 – 2034: Canadian Icelandic Cold War

2034: Ireland gains independence, Scott gave independence

2035: the United Arab Emirates collapses , the Republic of Iceland becomes one of the most powerful countri s

The 2040s

2042: the Olympic Memorial Park opens in Rio

2044: antiquity were virus release in St. Louis

2044: anthrax attack in Huntington West Virginia

2045: the country of new Arabia is founded

2045: the Republic of Dubai is formed

The 2050s

2053: the monarchy in England is abolished

2054: antiquity virus released in Argentina

2055: biological attack strikes Disneyland

2055 – 2058: second American Civil War

2055: siege of Washington DC

2055: a biological attack occurs in Brasilia

2055: Canadian and US border closed

2055: Democratic Kingdom of Hawaii is founded

2055: league of South American Nations forms

2055: Gaia Lovecraft is killed

2056: Mexican-American border close

2057: the atomic bombing of Seattle and San Francisco

2058: virus release in Nigeria

2059: first remembrance day to the end of the second American Civil War

2059: the creation of the American house of Parliament

The 2060s

2063: the Republican Party is replaced by the new parliamentary party

2063: Québec becomes an independent nation

2068: the general strike of Boston

2068: the mandatory vaccination act is introduced

2068 – 2073: the attempted annexation of Taiwan and Hong Kong

The 2070s

2071: interfaith hologram technology is invented and implemented across United States

2072: Amazon rain forest becomes a national park, the Maritime provinces of Canada became an independent nation with financial aid from Iceland

2074: Disneyland reopens

2078: the Republic of Dubai and new Arabia makes homosexuality punishable by death

The 2080s

2085: a cure to the antiquity virus discovered

2085: a terrorist attack occurs in Huntington West Virginia

2089: the founding of the American animation Museum

The 2090s

2090: the overthrowing of the Chinese government  

2091: the North Korean revolution

2095: the native protection act is introduced by the South American nations

22nd century

2100: the overthrowing of the government of Cuba

2101: the overthrowing government Vietnam

2155: Florida becomes a corporate Republic

2163: the Republic of Utah is founded

2122: Disneyland is permanently shut down

23rd century

2200: Utah Civil War

2223: Canada becomes known as the Canadian Federation

24th century

2386: the first gay Prime Minister is elected

25th century

2400: The United States collapses

2400: California league forms

2427: the former state of Utah joins the league of California

2425: California city is founded formerly San Francisco and new Seattle is founded formally Seattle

Post 25th century

2500: Québec and the Maritimes rejoins the Canadian Federation

5200: the new Ice Age begins leading to the abandoning of cities such as new Seattle, Reykjavík, Dawson city, new Salt Lake City, and the Greenland Confederacy

5300: the government of Korea collapses, massive starvation

5200 – 6300: the Ice Age

7300: the Federation of the Republic of Korea was founded

9300: new American Federation is founded on the remnants of the republics of the former United States

9301: the alliance of Europe begins to rebuild the remnants of northern Europe which were devastated during the Ice Age