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This is the timeline of events that happend in the Caribbean Empire.

Pre-Imperial Period (-2030s)

Before European Contact (-late 15th century)

  • 4500 BC - Oldest evidence of people (Casirimoid culture) in the Caribbean.
  • 2000 BC - People settle in the Lesser Antilles.
  • 400 to 200 BC - the first ceramic-using agriculturalists, the Saladoid culture, entered Trinidad from South America and spread throughout the Caribbean.
  • 250 AD - The Barrancoid entered Trinidad.
  • 650 AD - The Barancoid society collapsed along the Orinoco and another group, the Arauquinoid, expanded into these areas and up the Caribbean chain.
  • 1300 - The Mayoid entered Trinidad and remained the dominant culture until Spanish settlement

European settlement

  • Late 15th century - Europe settles in the Caribbean.