Tropical Rainforest Park (The Empire of Disney)

This was a tourist attraction and research facility that was built  in 2042. Consisted of a series of geodesic domes that re-created the Amazon rain forest habitat , complete with authentic plants animals and rainfall. This part was a fully enclosed ecosystem there was fully functioning without much human interference. This project was inspired by biosphere two which was built in the 1980s. This part was extremely popular however the number of tourist were limited to three or four the time to preserve the parks environment. This park was an adventure site where people can traverse the Amazon rain forest  going to South America. This skill also saved many plants and animals that are being wiped out as a result of the  as a result of the massive tree loss that occurred in the Amazon in the 2050s. the company that owned this part builds an entire network and geographic domes all across the world in order to preserve environmental conditions animals and plants there are being destroyed nature. They also built a series of geodesic domes that provided food for Antarctica and Africa. Because of the efforts of this company many plants and animals were saved from extinction.  this company is controversial because they re-create habitats instead of protecting existing habitats.  tropical Park Incorporated which owned the company was bought out by Disney in 2058. The Disney Corporation continues to be committed to agricultural production environmental protection and the preservation of the species. These stones are also used to film live-action Disney movies and documentaries which became extremely popular in the 2060s. However this company fully collapsed in 2063 as a result of the environmental collapse however the geodesic domes were preserved and protected because they were bought by Greenpeace international. These domes still provide habitat for many endangered species however less tourists  can enter these domes.

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