USEAN (1995 Armageddon)

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USEAN (Union of South East Asian Nations)is a federal state in South East Asia. Cam Ranh Bay, a naval was hit by a 10kt bomb in 1995. It was formed in 2057 when ASEAN singed an federal agreement. It along with the Eurpean Union is one of the worlds super powers =

Member states









Zo Aisa Champa




















East Java

West Java

Central Java

Special Region of Yogyakarta




North Sumatra


East Kalimantan

West Sumatra



South Sumatra

South Kalimantan

West Kalimantan

East Nusa Tenggara

Central Kalimantan


Riau Islands

Bangka-Belitung Islands

West Nusa



North Sulawesi


Central Sulawesi

Southeast Sulawesi


West Sulawesi

North Maluku






Central Luzon

Central Visayas



Eastern Visayas




Northern Mindanao


Western Visayas




South East Asia got though doomsday without being the vitiam of any nuclaer explosies. America did traget a russain navy base in  vitienam but it the bomb used in that attack turned out to be a dud. The region sufferd form a lost of trade. In the late 90's and early 200'0s China inda and to a lesser exant packistan tried  gained infuulence over south east aisa.  The new balance of power in asia was desytored when India Pakistan and China got into a  nuclear exahnge in 2004.. In aftermath Myamar and a Bangledsh junta went after started anexing parts of china and india under the excuss of restoring. In the aftermath of the Indo-Pakisan-sino war  North korea sentt troops into south kora , china and japan.  A  captin of nuclear submaire frighten by the fought of north korea dominting the pacfic that he nuked poyung. After nuking poyung the captin felt he should conitue trying to clease the world of commuisin. He went vietinam and threanted to blow up Hanio if the comminst party didn't past a new multiparty conistion. They agreed but the reforms were mainly commestic. However to pressure form it democartic neiborgha and interal  Vietianm  became a true republic by 2035. The nation of south east aisa spent the  next 25  devopling thier devoping their eccomny and millatries. In 2039 a new maynamess dicatro starterd claiming claiming part of thialand belong to myamr. This lead to a 7 year war between the meambers of Asean and Myanmar and thier allies Bangeldessh Tajistan and Ubesktnan. The war end in victory for Asean. Neaar the end of the war a desparte myamar bombed the royal place in bahgock killing the king and most of his familly. After the war several disant relatives of the  king of thia land  argued over  who was the  heir to the throne. The succiosn  crissed end with a king with close ties to indoneia and Maysalia on the throne. Also in the aftermath of the war the Shan and kachin gained inpenance and joined asean along with vietinam and laos and The formerly myamar oppcied portions of china a. 2057 Asean fedrated as usean. In 2059 the mymayar junta fell to democratic reouavon. It joined usean as multiple states in 2066. The 2060's marked the biging of of a cold war with the European Union. In 2073 Usean became a founding meamber of the East Asain Eccomic Caucus. The 2077 Worlds's fair was held in Phomen Phem. The 2088 worlds fair was held in Malina. In the Present Day Usean is the world's greast world power alough azania is on the rise.


Usean is  a federation. IT meambers states are fairly  diverse. some are poltical liberal other are more constieant,. Some  meambers are republics other   constinal monachries. Some have bicarmial legsitutie bodies while some have unincalaimal legstivative bodeis. Useasn pormotes  states but will intven with a state abuse its minoites or take actions that harm other meambers of Usean

Interational Realtions

Usean is power of the East Asain Eccoic and Defense cocaus. Other meamber include Jiangxi Fujiana, Gudong Centeral Korea Japan Mongilia Tiawan. They also stong ties with Rio del plata bangeldesh Mexico and vairous indain and russain rump states. They are in  a Cold withe Euroepan Union and it allies. This cold war is less based on ideogly then the american russian cold war. It is based more on  eccomic inffucel and pregtise


Usean is the world richest nations.Many ecomist say they are richer then the United States was  before doomsday but few think they would be as richer then the united states if ww3 didn't occur.  The industial stecor is  stong but slowing down a little companies outsouring to south america and Africa. Serivce sector jobs are on the rise


USEAN has the  the world's  greast automotive industy.  The largest company is proton the former malya state car company.  Union  car (Formerly ThaiRung Union Car) Mekong Motor Works (unrealted to the predoomsday vietness frim ) Alagmate motors. and  Pagdoa auto. U has produce self driving cars since 2051 and hover car since 2085.


Usean was the the worlds's largest Steel producer untill they were recently  superpast by Azania. Major Useanin steel firms include The lion group ,Sahaviriya Steel Industries,Gunawan Steel Group Krakatau Steel and Perwaja Steel , Angor steel and Khemmer Steel


Before Doomsday, Thailand and Malaysia had a heathy elctornics industy primary operated by  Japaneses and Korean firms. Today the elctornics industy is pirmary operated domesitc and Tiawaness firms. Major domecst firms include pensonic  smart singer Khind, Java eclroic. Mega elctric Pha That indusites and golden wonder elcotnics. Comerial vr head seats hit the market in 2054 and 3d tvs have been in prodution since 2047. Occurring are mass virtual reality- 2035, neural media implants- 2080.


Major agraculutre products include couconut, rice casvas tea pineabpel durian coca cattle chicken pig sugar soy, chilli and magos. The phipnine islands is Usean main sourse of corn other


Usasn has the largest and  best equipped milarty in the world. The usean army was formed form the army of the states that federated into Usean. Several meamber sates also have there own natinal guards. in 2078  the genral of the Thai natinal guard Jirayu papanaiguard over threw the the Thai state goverment. He jusfied his coup by claiming that usean  was trampling  on thia national idenity and soverving rights.  He was overthrown  after a 5 month by the usean army. A large number thai citzens including self promclaimed thia nationlist due rebeled agasnt General ponift due to his harsh polices and his promise of excuting the king for being a usean puppet. The thai national guard incident lead to a major curtialing of national guard funding and power. Laser guns, Maysers, phasers and electro-lasers were in use in USEAN by 2075.

Space program

Usean has the second greast space program in the world. They land there first astronaut one the moon in 2016, a second in 2018 and a third in 2084. They finished their large moon base in 2092. They land the second man on mars in 2016, a second in 2018 and a third in 2035. They built a small Mars base by 2048.


Most Usean citzens  have internet access and get tv though sattilet or fiber optic cabel. Nerual commuation implants were  invented in 2087 and hit the market in 2087. There sold well intaily but sales started  plumitng due to cornecen over  implant induced brain damage and fears that impants could be used has mind control devices


Usean is  home to many  differnt culture groups all of which  are offically protcet by the usean constion. Usean prrides them self on being the most drivse nation in the world. The usean goverment promoted multilangisin.  53% of Usean Citzens are fulent in at least 2 and an additonal 38% are fullent in 3 languange. Around 62 % of  citzens are fulent in ausortient which is a southeast asian version of Esportno that was created in the 2020s 


All passanger railroad in Usean are state owned. Self levitating hover cars 2065 Self driving cars 2030.

Air Usean was formed by merging the parts of the feelt of the national airlines of the counties that joined usean. The rest of thier feelts were sold to pirtive airlines


Usean strongly in educationn. before doomsday eduation  varried greatly among the states that one day  form usean. Today  all of usean major urban centers  and  a decent chuck of the rural country side have world class public education. Predoomsday South east asian wasn't known for good univeritys. Today Usean has some of the best Univeristy's in the world.

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