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  • I live in The Birthplace of Hip-Hop
  • I was born on October 1
  • My occupation is a high school senior currently looking for a job so I wont end up a basement dweller
  • My gender is a biological human male ♂

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Full Name: Ismael Perez
Sex: Male ♂
Species: Human (Homo sapiens sapiens) I'm a misanthropist, however
Race: Mulatto, Mestizo (I have Caucasian (white) skin color with Afro hair texture. And my hair color is black and I have dark brown eyes.)
Handedness: Right-handed, cross-dominant
Origin: La Vega Province, Cibao, Dominican Republic Flag of the Dominican Republic
Place of Birth: Bonao, Monseñor Nouel Province, Cibao, Dominican Republic Flag of the Dominican Republic
Date of Birth: October 1st, 2001 (age 14)
Ancestry: Native American (Taino)
Current Residence: University Heights and Mott Haven, South Bronx, The Bronx, NYC, New York, USA 25px
Current Time in my Area: 4:15 AM (EDT)
09:15 (UTC)
Occupation: Student (7th Grade, but take high school classes.)
Laughing Philosophical Views Laughing
Religion and philosophy: Naturalist; Soft atheist; Lacto-vegetarian
Political views: Centre-right; Centrist (Libertarian)

Ismael's Political Compass

  • Pro-life: I am against abortion (with the exceptional the pregnancy puts a risk on the mother's life or is a product of rape. No exception for any other circumstances.), the capital punishment and animal slaughter.
  • Anti-pornography: Pornography is an example of sexism and a mockery of one of life's most beautiful and risky processes, and misleads the youth.
  • Moral censorship: Censorship should only be used to "cover-up" and filter anything that the people may find offensive, obscene, insulting, discriminating, as well to protect the identity and trademarks of non-participants.
  • Freedom of thought: I believe anyone has the rights to have express opinions, even in disagreement with authority.
  • Freedom of religion: I believe that everyone chooses what they believe.
  • Pacifism: I don't believe in violence because hurting people isn't okay and it's forcing people under subject both physically and psychologically, as everyone has the rights over their own body and mind. I'm against warfare because it is basically genocide, killing innocents just because of their nationality and opinions.
  • Ecocentrism: It is regrettable that humans exploits the natural and enforces the unnatural. As human beings, we are the destroyers and the jerks of our world.
  • Reproductive rights: I believe both the man and the woman must consent in having a child. No spouse may rape his or her partner.
  • Egalitarianism: I believe that everyone, as individuals must be treated equally with laws and protections applied to all, especially the right to live, claim property and expression.
  • Surveillance: Except in private areas or used to record the private lives of citizens, all public areas should be under surveillance to ensure protection and security. All identities subjects (even if caught with criminal activity) are kept confidential.
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Wikipedia Username: Ismael755
Playstation® Network Username: emperor230
DeviantART Username: Ismael7777
Pandora Username: jeremyp8096
Miraheze Username Sapphire Williams
Current user rights: Founder
Favourite Colour: Sky blue; Cyan; White; Blue
Favourite Food: Lemons; Sour foods
Interests Pre-Colombian America, Colonial era
Hobbies: Editing Wikia, TV
Awards: None
Current Signature: Ismael Perez (talkcontribsblog)
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ENG This user speaks English
ESP Este usario habla Español I speak very little Nahuatl

Hello! My name is Ismael Perez. I'm a chat moderator and I manage site maintenance here on this wiki. I'm also the founder of The Alternate Future Wiki, if you would like to expand your alternate timeline here into the future. You can also ask at the embassy, where I do cross-wiki work. I'm a former admin on Future. I'm also the founder of Duck Life Wiki, Rinth Island Wiki, The Caribbean Empire Wiki, Vegetarian Missionary Wiki, admin on The Amazing World of Fanon Wiki, and a chat moderator on Life After People Fanon Wiki.

Laughing Autobiography Laughing

I was born in Bonao, Monseñor Nouel Province, Dominican Republic and I came to the US when I was 2 years old. I'm right-handed, speak English and Spanish and I'm a 7th grader, which is middle school in New York, US where I live, that takes high school classes. I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome at age 9, note with my intelligence and advanced vocabulary and my somewhat immature behaviour.

I look at myself as a Dominican as I also associate myself as a Caribbean and I want to create the Caribbean Empire when I get older. I am interested in Taino culture and traditions and I would like to de-westernize and revive the Taino culture in the Caribbean like the way it should be. I'm also an Anglophile and I like with the UK, even though I'm Hispanic [see here]

Laughing Philosophical Views Laughing

I'm a libertarian and a moderate rightist. I believe that anyone can do what they want as long as it doesn't harm anyone (people and animals alike). I believe in equality and mutuality and to be applied to all. I'm vegan because I believe animals have feelings and feel pain. I'm also a pacifist. I also believe in fairness and mutuality as I believe in gender equality in both men and women and I wish gender (by gender I mean the biased social distinguishment as masculine or feminine, which correspond, but regardless of biological sex, which is male (♂) or female (♀). Which is why there are also transgenderism) is only to be distinguished by naturally biological sexual characteristics, not by clothing or hair length. And that one's own mistakes should be fixed by the mistaker. Finally, I believe in cultural fundamentalism and the nation's culture should be inspired by its own ethnic indigenous people, and not to be culturally or ethnically replaced, messed-up, exploited and shaped by other cultures or peoples, like what some Europeans did to the Native Americans during colonial times, by conquest, race-mixing, resource exhaustion, disease and genocide, slavery and forced westernizing/europeanizing.

About me being a misanthropist, I don't like how humanity cheats Darwinism and having an unnatural total of 7.1 billion people on this Earth were gradually disintegrating by destroying habitats, polluting this world, being major contributors of global warming and treating other species as our slaves and property, using them for food, clothing, supplies and entertainment, and I hate how humans display such selfishness towards other animals.

I support equality (especially gender equality), pacifism, nationalism (especially Caribbean nationalism), cultural fundamentalism, antimilitarism, fairness, mutualism, secularism, and democracy.

I oppose discrimination, religious fundamentalism, extreme authoritarianism, anthropocentrism, gender bias, sex segregation (with the exception of private rooms like restroom and bedrooms), Europeanizing non-European nations and violence.

I'm neutral with communism, capitalism and dictatorships, as long as it doesn't have punitive policies.

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