Disorganised territory and information about the alt-future timeline that adds one new split country to the mix while the KMT gained a much needed power-up to create yet another land border division, and end up not hiding out in an island.

Of course, things may change.

Major changes

Aside from the obvious.


  • South China - Capital: Changsha. Has Shanghai and stretches all the way to and including Tibet and Qinghai. Annexed North China in 1991 following their fall and subsequent war against the remnants of the Chinese Communist Party.
  • Indochina - Laos and Cambodia remained free of communist rule... at a major cost. Vietnam remained split until the 90s rolled around.
  • Crimea - The 1954 transfer of Crimea doesn't happen, and as a result Russia had no need to annex what was still theirs. However this won't change later events much different.
  • Kuril Island dispute - The disputed islands in question in OTL were transferred to North Japan post war and occupation TTL, leading to no dispute.
  • South Japan - Aside from the split, it also has a republican government, different flag, and new laws (such as similar laws imposed by West Germany, particularly the Strafgesetzbuch laws). The LDP are not as strong here either, especially since the 90s, resulting in governments that are ruled by not-majority LDP. Other changes will appear in a future article.
    • Tokyo - Faced a split during the division of Japan. Several companies such as Sony and Bandai Namco reside in Kyoto instead. Also the population is smaller (around a total of six million combined near the end of the 2010s), and post reunification, remains a Prefecture instead of a Metropolis for some time.

Games & Media

(More information in future, separate articles.)
Aside from any changes, generally..ish expect some reversals and some things from OTL to not exist.

  • Gran Turismo - The Lada made their first appearance in the second game, and again since the fourth and beyond. Also, Ruf does not stick around for long, and its only appearance was in 2. As...
  • EA - ...the exclusive license with Porsche doesn't happen, meaning other games can use them.
  • Persona - Only change here is that Persona 2: Innocent Sin (for the original PS1, not the PSP remake) gets localised and released in NA, with everything intact.
  • iM@S - The Dearly Stars game doesn't exist, though the three idols featured from the game in OTL still appear (with Ai and Eri being part of the OG 765 Pro, and Ryo later making an appearance in SideM. Million Live! and Cinderella Girls swapped places with the former being introduced first (and more popular than the latter; though not by much). Also more localisation of most of its games, including the mobile ones (with the exception of those released to the Mobage platform). Also, Kyoto Animation does all the Idolmaster anime instead of A-1 Pictures, with the exception of Xenoglossia, SideM: Wakeatte Mini, and the Live For You! OVA.
  • .nj - Internet domain for North Japan, from 1991-2036. Now mainly used for sites/companies based in New Jersey, though still used in former North Japan as well. Also had an internationalised country code top-level domain too, .北日本, from 2018-2036.

Auto and Other

  • SUVs took off but a worse 2008-2010 crisis killed its popularity. Sedans, hatchbacks, and sports cars regain supreme. Cadillac Escalade remains most popular of the remaining SUVs, mainly for those that can actually afford it anyway.
  • Lancia continues to have several models produced that isn't just the Ypsilon.
  • North America has more room for French and Italian cars.
  • Electric cars enter the market earlier, starting with GM's decision to keep the EV1 and selling it on the market. Electric cars became much more common from the 2010s on; and also helped by much more charging stations everywhere since the mid 2000s.
  • Ohta Jidosha - One of two motor companies in North Japan. Specialises in commercial vehicles, though also makes trucks and a few cars for the market. The Ohta KD series of trucks and later the DC-3/S211 (and the S211's successor becoming the S-car line) are its main production models for the market.
  • Fuji Precision Industries - The other motor company in North Japan, and not to be confused with Fuji Heavy Industries, Ltd. (later Subaru Corporation). Made a variety of vehicles, with their most popular model being the Skyline.
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