Hello, me and User:Ben10fan3 have decided to attempt to revive this wiki. This will include a redesign, a dramatic cut-down of the staff team and potentially a name change. I'll list some of the chances being undertaken below.


We wiped the home page and replaced it temporarily while we create a permanent replacement. We've also changed the colour scheme to a grey and gold one, as it's much brighter and inviting.

We are also considering changing the name of this wiki, if you have any suggestions please respond with them.


Almost all of the staff on this wiki are incredibly inactive, and we will be requesting to FANDOM that they be demoted. Here are the staff members that will be staying and the ones that will be demoted.

User:Ben10fan3 Bureaucrat > No change

User:Derpmaster21 Bureaucrat > No change

User:IAmFester96 User > Bureaucrat

User:EnderAlan04 User > Rollback

Everybody else will be demoted.

If more users become active, we will hold elections for more positions.


We have updated the rules too, which can be seen at the linked page.

These are the changes so far. We'll update as we go along, thank you for your patience.

- Fester

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