I've been lurking this Wiki for a while and I've seen that it is dead - despite it being one of the most open Wikis creative wise. It merges both Future and AltHistory Wikis, and that's a great idea. The admins are inactive and so is most of the wiki. If you're still here, I'm asking you if I have permission to adopt this wiki. I may be new here but on the Future Wiki I first joined in 2016 and have around 2,000 edits there altogether. I was also a moderator there and worked to the best of my ability. In my other wiki that I have now resigned as Bureaucrat from, I helped revive it - The wiki was completely redesigned and now the wiki has a community and editors. I streamlined the mod team and I helped advertise it. (Although it's more active when the show it's based on airs.) I believe that I can help revive this wiki and I'm asking for permission to adopt this wiki.

If you have any questions, please ask. Thank you.

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