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Could the war have been fought better, errors avoided, lives saved and the Taliban stopped?

I have 12 ideas on how the war could it could have been improved, but I would like to hear other oppinions on how the war could have been fought and the future of Afghanistan could be saved. Was there a better war plan leading to a better outcome and a future without the Taliband?

My ideas on error that are occering-

  1. The Americans took such a lead the world got the misconception it was all just Yanks, with the odd Afghan and Brit as back up.
  2. A Western media that were convinced the war was immoral no matter what actually happened.
  3. The false UK belief that wars could be won quickly like the Falklands and not long like World War 2 (WW2).
  4. The UK forces are probably better by training at parade ground marching, peacekeeping and domestic/overseas aid work, so are not fully mentally prepared a real war like WW2.
  5. The reemergence of the 'lions led by donkeys' millitery-political phenomena in the UK and posobly USA.
  6. The UK forces as a whole were not familiar with the culture, language or terrain of Afghanistan due to the rushed preparations for war.
  7. American troops should have not been needlessly and repeatedly blowing up Coalition forces and civilians from Mohamed Karzai’s side with drone strikes and alike.
  8. The UK press claiming some nation's troops were wiped out in an unduly cynical manner. 9 (6%) out of 150 Estonians had died by 2012. Some contingents were so tiny a single lucky bullet could massacre them.
  1. 42 (7%) out of 522 Danish, 49 (~1.3) out of 3,304 Italians, 6 (~1.5%) 0ut 0f 364 Hungarians, 438 (5%) out of 8,565 British 158 (14%) out of 950 Canadians, 2,038 (3%) out of 68,000 Americans, 52 (1.5%) out of 4,400 Germans, 0 (0%) out of 3 Greeks, 0 (0%) out of 3 Icelanders, 9 (6%) out of 150 Estonians, 1 (~0.8) out of 216 Albanians, 12 (~0.9) out of 1,561 Georgians, 19 (~1.2%)out of 1,521 Romanians, 88 (2%) out of 4,655 French and 12 (~1.1%) of 1,101 Turks had died by 2012.
  1. Uzbek warlord Abdul Rasheed Dostum's blood thersty killing of hundreds of serenderd Taliband that may have at lest in part hoped to swich sides at the [2001 massacre at mazar-al-sharif] being stoped.
  2. A small, sub-Hiroshima type nuke should have been dropped on the Tora-Bora mountain complex as soon as the war started, regardless of the political fallout!
  3. British unswerving dislike of anything involving Tony Blair's political leadership.
  4. UK budget cuts after 2008?