Utah (Second Amendment Civil War)

Utah was a former state of the former United States and became an independent religious Republic on June 8, 2163, The government is no longer a democracy instead it is a religious Republic ruled by a Mormon counsel. This Republic was extremely requested and banned same-sex marriage as well as homosexuality in the first month in office. The Republic also made Mormonism the official religion and outlawed all secular TV shows and movies. They also executed academics as well as people that question the practices of the religion. In 2200 public experience a major Civil War between the two branches of Mormonism. The Civil War led to the deaths of 3 million people. The Civil War caused the Republic of Utah to collapse leading to a century of chaos and anarchy. Eventually that this former Republic was absorbed into the league of California for the Republic that forms in 2400 and was a union between California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada. By this time Mormonism was an extremely small religious minority that was fairly hostile towards outsiders. It was estimated by 2500 and there was only three very small Mormon community. By the 27th century, Mormonism was considered an extinct religion.       

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