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Commonwealth Dominion of Wales
2037 –
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"Men of Harlech"
Population 2.75m
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Official languages Welsh, Welsh English, Midlands English and Standardised British English
Capital Cardiff
Largest city Swansea
Dominant Ideology Blairite socialist center and traditional left wing socialist
Royal Governor General Sir Yiannis Tsakiris
Head of State Prime Minister Daffyd Geraint Griffiths
Head of Government Deputy Prime minister Rhiannon Jones
Territory Modern day Wales
Establishment 2037
Currency Welsh Pound Sterling (WLP) and Irish Punt (IPT)
Religion Welsh Chapel and Methodist
Race Welsh, Irish, Northern Irish, Scots, Manx, Cornish and Northern English.

All was relatively quiet and happy in Wales after 2020, especially after independence in 2037.

Coal, slate, bio-fuel, transistors, tourism and wool are the mainstays of the economy. Coal was in it's second heyday from 2035 to 2045 due to new technologies such as the Bergius process. Bio-fuel had become a major industry by 2055.

Wales still has the English monarchy as it's ultimate leader, but this is only for ceremonial duties as of 2045.

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