Walt Disney World (Disney apocalypse)

In 1965 Walt Disney World was established near the city of Orlando Florida. Disney World wasn’t extremely popular tourist attraction until the outbreak of the second American Civil War in 1973. When the new confederacy was established  the theme park was shut down and declared an artifact of American imperialism. The part became a military base in in 1974. Following the collapse of the new Confederacy Disney World was taking over by series of warlords which turn the former park into an agricultural colony. Theme park quickly became the center of a network of tribes take control of Central Florida until the reestablishment of the US governmen in 2033.  By  then Florida was known as the fiefdom of Disney. This was against the wishes of the Walt Disney Corporation which had relocated to England in the 70s. By 2121 the state of Florida became known as the independent republic of Florida and the park was restored to its former glory. Bye then most of the parks original infrastructure have been destroyed however using old plans the park was fully restored. There is also a memorial to all the people that died during the bloody rain of the fiefdom of Disney. A small memorial also marked all the men and women that died and Disney when it was the labor camp.

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