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The Wessex Confederacy is presidential constitutional confederation consisting of 5 former british constituencies; Chippenham, Devizes, Salisbury South Swindon, and South West Wiltshire. Now they are each respected as individual states under the name of a confederacy, with their own elected governors.  After its inception in 2054, the nation was only respected by 42 of the 196 states; including countries such as The United States, Switzerland, Poland and Brazil. However, after the nation stabilised and was respected as independent by Great Britain in 2058, a further 150 countries recognized it as a nation. The Wessex Confederacy (commonly known as 'Wessex'), has an estimated GDP of $61,240million, ranking 74th just behind Luxembourg but just above Uruguay. It is known to be peaceful, free-trade and anti-interventionalist, coming 16th on the Human Development Index and 32nd on the Real GDP Growth Rate List.

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