Whales (Puritan States)

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A 1883 painting of the last known whale hunt.This was painted by renowned Puritan artist Theodore Blackthorn. This is also one of the few sketches of these mighty creatures that is survived the Puritan literary purges of the early 20th century.

Whales were large sea mammals that roam the oceans until they went extinct in 1885. very little is known because they went extinct so quickly. there are multiple bones and and fossils of these mighty creatures that a been studied by pagan scientists as well as people scientists from the Catholic empire. We know that they use echolocation and eight Krill. they were a delicacy in Puritan Empire and they were hunted to extinction. This trend began in 1799 after the Puritan Empire founded the kingdom of the holy islands colony in the Arctic Circle. The Puritans were taught by the Inuit to hunt whales. in 1824 the Inuit genocide occurred any contact community was wiped out. the Puritans did not match the will populations and they killed so many that their numbers were drastically depleted. The Puritans believe that these beasts were a gift from God the belong to mankind. However they were wrong they began to kill more more whales and use powerful steamships to hunt them. whale meat became a popular meal on fast days and this further contributed to their decline. after century of the Puritan whale hunts the entire species went extinct in 1885 this included sperm whales, humpback whales, killer whales, minke whales, Greenland Wales and Cromwell  whales. in 2017 even with all the technological advances in archaeology and biology scientists still know very little about this once mighty species. in memory of the extinction of the whales the Puritan Confederacy established in 1985 they established the animal preservation Society. major Puritan leaders believe that the whales went extinct because it was God's plan despite the fact that they were the ones that killed. the Puritans also destroyed the Inuit culture at all their knowledge about the Arctic was lost. the United Puritan kingdom has never formally knowledged the Inuit genocide of 1824.

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