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The world map.

The concept was put forward in 3775 by the presidents of Lyon, Zambia, Peru and Aztlan, the king Little Rock and the warlord of Kismayo. The plan has much public support, but is yet to be inacted by polaticans.


It is lead by the Secretary General and a 9 man Security Council, 5 of which are elected every 5 years. The other 4 are permanent members chosen at the time of creation.  

It's duties cover 12 topics-

  1. Disaster releaf work.
  2. Maintain the neutral Yangtze River Buffer Zone (The mid grey zone along the River Yangtze and the big Island just north Shanghi.).
  3. Stopping the use, storage and production of WMD.
  4. Fighting plagues and epidemics.
  5. Peace keeping.
  6. A peaceful forum to resolve international deputes in.
  7. A international court to try despots and war criminals in.
  8. Saving the planets' fauna and flora.
  9. Looking after refugees.
  10. Promoting democratic governance in all nations.
  11. Stopping the use, storage and production of STI/'Star Wars' space based weaponry or space based anti-Earth laser ablating weapons.
  12. Order compliant member nations to impose trade sanctions on those member nations who disobey the Security Council's rulings.

Security Council members


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