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  1. RAF Croughton failed to go off
  2. RAF Fylingdales
  3. London Cabinet Offices
  4. Birmingham a shootdown
  5. Slough failed to go off
  6. Westminster, London
  7. Depford, London a shootdown
  8. Rosythe Dockyard
  9. Plymouth Dockyard Failed to go off
  10. The Royal Navy submarine pens at Holy Loch
  11. Kineton army base
  12. Longtown army base failed to go off
  13. Deepcut army base
  14. Bicester army base failed to go off
  15. RAF Woodbridge
  16. Southampton docks
  17. Boscombe Down Airfield
  18. RAF Hythe
  19. Kowloon, Hong Kong


  1. Tartus Navel Base (Russian forces)


  1. Okinawan (American Forces)
  2. Misawa Air Base (Failed to denote)
  3. Yokota Air force
  4. Naval Air Facility Atsugi Missed and harmless fall in the sea
  5. Kadena Air Base


  1. Sangley Point
  2. Central Manilla


  1. Bucharest (did not go off)
  2. Cluj-Napoca (did not go off)
  3. Constanta (did not go off)
  4. Ploiesti (did not go off)


  1. Gdansk/Danzig (did not go off)
  2. Krakow (did not go off)
  3. Lublin (did not go off)
  4. Poznan (did not go off)
  5. Szczecin (did not go off)
  6. Warsaw (did not go off)
  7. Wroclaw (did not go off)


  1. USAF Ramstine air base. failed to go off
  2. Büchel Airbase missRamstein Air Base
  3. Rose Barracks
  4. Ghedi Torre AFB (did not go off)


  1. Volkel Air Base


  1. USN Guatanamo Bay (US forces)
  2. Havana's Cuban Airforce base (Cuban forces)
  3. La Coloma Airport  (Cuban forces)
  4. San Antonio de los Baños Airfield  (Cuban forces)
  5. San Julián Air Base  (Cuban forces)


  1. Drachenbronn Air Base
  2. 3rd Artillery Regiment in Mailly.
  3. 4th Artillery Regiment in Laon, missed
  4. 15th Artillery Regiment in Suippes.
  5. 32nd Artillery Regiment in Oberhoffen.
  6. 74th Artillery Regiment in Belfort, missed
  7. San Rochelle navy dockyard, missed
  8. Le Havre port, missed


  1. Arkhangelsk navel base and part of Arkhangelsk
  2. Astrakhan
  3. Bryansk
  4. Mirny missed
  5. Mozdok shot down
  6. Rostov-on-Don
  7. Simferopol
  8. Smolensk
  9. St. Petersburg
  10. Sochi
  11. Star City space centre
  12. Chelyabinsk
  13. Irkutsk
  14. Kemerovo
  15. Khabarovsk
  16. Nakhodka
  17. Norilsk missed
  18. Novosibirsk
  19. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
  20. Tomsk shot down
  21. Yekaterinburg did not go off
  22. Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk missed
  23. Olenegorsk early warning radar station
  24. The Chita ICBM missile silos
  25. Murmansk Oblast naval base failed to go off
  26. The Black Sea Fleet base in Sevastopol and part of Sevastopol
  27. Dombarovsky airbase and ICBM missile silos
  28. The Kazan tank factory and part of Kazan
  29. The Perm tank factory and part of Perm
  30. Moscow city all missiles targeted at Moscow missed
  31. Saint Petersburg docks and part of Saint Petersburg
  32. Saint Petersburg navy base and part of Saint Petersburg
  33. Aleysk air base and ICBM silos
  34. Savatiya air base, missed
  35. Klokovo air base, missed
  36. Koshka Yavr air base
  37. Tushino Airfield


  1. Kharkiv (missed)
  2. Kiev (missed)
  3. Odessa port (missed)


  1. The ICBM missile bases and silo fields in Arizona, N.Dakota, Montana, Nebraska, Kansas and Arkansas
  2. Eglin AFB in Florida
  3. USN facility at Norfolk Virginia,
  4. The USMC base at Quantico Virginia
  5. Point Loma U.S. navy base
  6. Edwards Air Force Base,
  7. Eielson Air Force Base,
  8. CSX South Kearny Yard, Central Ave, Kearny, New Jersey (it did not go off, but broke up and spilled radioactive content like a 'dirty bomb').
  9. Elmendorf Air Force Base Eielson Air Force Base
  10. Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson
  11. Aberdeen Proving Ground- APG (Maryland)
  12. Fort Benning (Georgia),
  13. Furgus (Missouri)
  14. Key West, Florida (did not go off)
  15. N. Dakota's counter-ICBM defence\SAM missile field
  16. raven rock complex pensvaina missed
  17. Perl Harbour (Hawaii), (didn't explode),
  18. Concord Naval Weapons Station (California)
  19. Mare Island Naval Shipyard- MINSY (California)
  20. Littel Rock AFB,
  21. Nellis AFB,
  22. Shemya Air Force Base/Eareckson Air Station, Shemya Island, Alaska (missed)
  23. Wright Patterson air force (fialed to go off)
  24. Columbus Ohio
  25. Scaromenoto, California
  26. Patrick Air Force Base, Florida
  27. Atlanta, Georgia
  28. Cheyan, Wyoming, (missed)
  29. Boston, Massachusetts
  30. Albany, New york
  31. New-York city
  32. Washington DC
  33. Olympia Washington
  34. Phoenix, Az, (missed land in the remot desert)
  35. Austin, Texas
  36. Lansing, Michigan
  37. St Fe, New Mexico
  38. Denver coloardo
  39. Coloardo springs failed to go of
  40. Boise, Idaho
  41. Indianapolis failed to go off
  42. Wittha Kansas
  43. Spring-Field Illinois
  44. Charleston west viringa failed to go off
  45. salt lake city utha failed to go off
  46. Bismkark north Dakota
  47. Peire South Dakota missed
  48. Tinkers AirForce base oklahoma
  49. Batten Rouge lousian Failed to go off
  50. Des Monies Iowa (miised  land in a sparley populated rural county)
  51. St Paul Minnesota (missed and hit Rochester)
  52. Hurlbert Field Air Force Base (did not explode)
  53. Madison Wisconsin
  54. Frankfort Kentucky
  55. Nashville tenseness Failed to go of
  56. Jackson Mississippi
  57. Monterory Alabama failed to go off
  58. Tallahassee Florida
  59. Richmond viriagia
  60. Reialgin north Carolina missed
  61. Colombia south Carolina
  62. Anapolios Maryland
  63. Dover Delaware
  64. providence Rhode Island failed to go off
  65. Hartford Connecticut missed
  66. Trenton NJ missed
  67. Helena Montana
  68. Biloxi Mississippi missed
  69. Fairbanks Alaska
  70. San Deigo
  71. Taccoma
  72. Ablilene TX
  73. FayetteVile NC
  74. For Lenorado wood
  75. Knasas city plant\
  76. Andrews Air Force
  77. Beale Air Force Base (Marysville, CA)
  78. Hampton Rhodes
  79. Ellsworth Air Force Base (Rapid City, SD)
  80. Key west missed
  81. Fairchild Air Force Base (Spokane Co., WA) didn't explode
  82. San Antio, Texas
  83. Whiteman Air Force Base
  84. Vandenberg Air Force Base, Ca, missed


  1. Fhilipino's Subic Bay zone.


  1. .AFB Interlik


  1. The Negev Desert atomic research centre. (failed to go off)
  2. Hatzor Air Base and the nearby city of Ashdod.

Saudi Arabia

  1. Al-Ahsa
  2. Dammam
  3. Jeddah
  4. Riyadh
  5. T'aif


  1. Tripoli
  2. Shrite


  1. Athens (failed to detonate)
  2. Thessaloniki


  1. Camp Darby (located between Pisa and Livorno)
  2. La Spezia


  1. Aarhus airbase and near by Aarhus town


Howard Air Force Base

S. Korea

Kunsan Air Base


  1. Changchun
  2. Chengdu
  3. Chongqing
  4. Dalian
  5. Dinghai Naval Base (2 strikes)
  6. Fuzhou
  7. Guangzhou
  8. Luoning
  9. Nanjing
  10. Qinghai Missile Silos (3 strikes)
  11. Shenyang
  12. Shenzhen
  13. Suzhou
  14. Tianjin
  15. Wenzhou
  16. Wuhan
  17. Great Hall of the People, Beijing