Alternate Future Wiki

March 2016

The goverment invents a toxic substance that upon touch, will begin to eat the subject.

March 3rd

The goverment begins to create stronger nuclear bombs containing the substance.

March 4th

This substance is now known as "Iven Beauty." Named after a person who died to this substance. Isis begins attempting to steal Iven Beauty.

April 2016

Isis has stolen Iven Beauty, and begins to modify it. Isis members create a modified version of Iven Beauty.

April 20th

Japan has been hit with the modified Iven Beauty to test the effects of it, Japan suffers a meltdown.

April 23rd

The goverment launches a nuke full of Iven Beauty to Russia due to threats of nuking. Isis names the modified version of Iven Beauty "Blind Eye."

December 2016

40 people died due to Iven Beauty in New York, 12 people died to Blind Eye in Egypt. Isis begins to launch Blind Eye in USA.

December 12

Over 300 people died to Blind Eye in multiple states, Russia's population is dead. Japan's population is dead. Most of Sweden's population is dead. The goverment creates a antidote to Iven Beauty. The antidote is being spread world-wide.

December 13

Isis hyjacks a plane carrying the antidote, Blind Eye is now respnsible for the deaths of 1000 people in USA.

January 2017

Half of the world's population is dead due to Blind Eye,the goverment begins to modify Blind Eye to find a cure.