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World War I (often abbreviated to WWI or WW1), also known as the First World War, was a continental conflict that started on June 30th, 2004 and ended on July 2nd, 2010 and ended with an Alliance victory. The war started off when the nation of Todd demanded that the nation of Gibson (in the Talking Kitty Cat alliance) give back its former territory. The former territory was part of the Todd Victorium that lasted from 1963 to 1989 when it was defeated after going to war with the Democratic Union of Kingdoms or the DUOK (now the nations of Steve, Gibson, Gibbyson, Sylvester, Random Kitty, Ibanez, GG, and Shelby). When the DUOK fell, several nations were created in the ruins, when a successful rebellion took out the kingdom. The Cash family then took ownership of the nations, forming the Talking Kitty Cat alliance. Gibson acquired the province of Al-Ayeda, which has 14,000 ethnic Toddians residing there.

The War

When the war first broke out, many of Todd's citizens didn't want war, and many began strikes. Many changed their minds when Gibson started firing at several mining drills and villages along the Gibson-Todd border. Suddenly, Todd's army rose from a small division of 170,000 to 350,000 in a period of 4 days. After this happened, the nations Steve and Sylvester declared war on Todd to "protect freedom" and to "spread freedom from coast to coast". As this happened, Todd began the invasion of Gibson. Several small towns and villages were taken, many were either lit on fire, or their population massacred. This provoked the nations of GG and Gibbyson to declare war, as this was a "direct threat of safety".  After a period of 6 weeks, more than half of Gibson's territory was under Toddian control, and a small piece of land was under Steve's control. Then, on August 1st, 2004, Todd began the Gibcity offensive. More than half a million troops were positioned at a small town 6 miles northwest of Gibcity. Several strategic cannons were placed for the purpose of bombarding the city to starve out the population. At first, Gibson was weak and didn't fight back at any battle, resulting in Todd's army being victorious. On August 27th, Todd sent 170,000 of its men into Gibcity. At first, Gibson didn't retaliate. But when Todd's soldiers started killing citizens, Gibson's forces were forced to attack. The first alliance victory was at Tierial's Plaza, where 47 Toddians were killed, and 13 injured. Gibson then sent the majority of its forces (465,000) to the edge of the city, to fire back at the Toddians. On September 27th, 2019, at 3:38 PM, after a month-long stalemate, the first cannon shell was fired at Toddian forces. The following sides continued to fire cannon shells for 3 hours straight before Toddian forces began to rush at Gibson's forces. A total of 63,000 lives were lost that day, as over 62,000 Toddians rushed to destroy the cannons.

The second alliance victory was at the small town of Slurg, where 34,000 Toddian and 16,000 Gibtron lives were lost. After a serious blow to their forces, Todd knew something had to be done, and sent 200,000 of their best men into the city. Gibson retaliated by sending 250,000 of its men into the city to counter-attack the enemy forces. At 1:17 PM, the two forces clashed. Just minutes after the two sides started firing, a total of 1,930 lives were lost.

Todd Begins An Alliance

Around this time, most of the Talking Kitty Cat alliance members were fighting Todd. Todd, being the only nation in the war without an Allie, decided to start talking about the nation of Port Nilce, at this time a neutral nation.